Work Experience

Present work :

Mainly, I practise time limited and open ended psychoanalytic psychotherapy in individual, face to face sessions. This is confidential, private work.

I  taught/facilitated the Advanced Theoretical and Clinical Issues seminar at WPF Therapy, London. This allows me to remain in touch with theory and the challenges to the profession.

Psychoanalytical work  is emotional in nature  and one is affected by the social issues that affect clients and patients. I  reflect and share ideas about the evolving clinical, social and cultural trends around me with the analytic/ therapeutic community, mainly in London. You can find a detailed list of my professional activities under ‘Events & Workshops’.

Past Experience :

I have worked for :

  • The NHS,
  • Corporate agencies
  • Other government funded projects
  • I taught/facilitated counselling skills courses in Milton Keynes College.