First Contact and Initial Session

Initial Session

An initial session can be in person or online decided by us on phone or online. All sessions are 50 minutes duration. The first session will help you to get an idea of what it would be like to work with me.

In the session we will discuss:

1. Your issue and explore underlying trauma

2. Whether this issue can benefit from psychoanalytic psychotherapy

3. My terms and conditions, which are in line with how psychoanalytic therapy is practised in the UK

4. A time frame and finance

I sometimes make a recommendation for four or six sessions after which we can do a  review before taking it further.


I invoice at the end of the month.  Cancellations are to be paid for unless I make a discretionary waiver.

Conditions of session use:

Psychotherapy treatment requires rigour and I discourage using phones etc in the consulting room or online sessions.

I may discourage the usual social greetings ‘how are you’ etc. I understand it is a good way to begin conversation with anyone but not in psychotherapy.  You want your session to be more than a social visit.