My Practice

What I do

I am a practising psychoanalytic psychotherapist and clinical supervisor in the UK. Over the years, I have taught counselling and psychotherapy in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and London where I also conduct CPD activities within the psychotherapeutic community.

Currently, I work as a supervisor at MHCPC and practise privately online at present and for the immediate future. The one session a week model is good though I am trained for three time a week work. People need to live a life outside therapy and so, having life alongside therapy, so the therapist and client  can see whether therapy is helping or not, is useful.

Having said this, at times, people need to be in frequent weekly therapy so as to make a significant difference. This is when frequent sessions in the week are beneficial. There are arguments about dependency creation but eventually people get better and leave. Some dependency is required for ‘taking in’ good things, just as one is dependent on the good things in life.

I let clients leave therapy at times when we both agree that they are ready.  Sometimes people do come back for some or the other reason. Bereavements, life changes, relocations, ageing. loss. Loss is central to the human experience. It is what makes us human. Psychotherapy is about making that all important attachment with a good enough therapist.

I do other profession related things such as CPD workshops. For eg, I am doing the Symposium on Anxiety in BCAT, a Bedford training centre, on March 20, 2021.
I am the Founder of TherapyFriends, an online website for those who are therapy friendly, culture friendly and inclusion friendly.

Short and Long Term Psychotherapy

I practise Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy – open ended (as long as needed)  and time limited (fixed end date).  Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is generally once a week psychotherapy- whereas psychoanalytic work-can have frequency of two or three times a week psychotherapy.

A long therapeutic relationship  can offer depth and emotional intimacy.   It can bring lasting stability and insight. People begin to see themselves in a different light and possibly, develop from such an experience.

Short term work  can be suitable for some people. For eg, people who are on the move, and perhaps, simply not in a place which allows for weekly sessions over a long period.

More about Psychotherapy :

A good explanation of what Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is can be found at the following link :