My Professional Ethos



Bereavements, life changes, relocations, ageing and loss are some issues that affect us all our lives. Like wounded soldiers, we carry ourselves bravely, our wounds sometimes remain ‘unseen’. We could lose parents, siblings, jobs, places we loved, ageing and losing our youth….

Loss is central to the human experience and having a place to process change with someone who is trained not to judge and respects confidentiality is a precious resource.

Mental health disorders 

Psychotherapy can help patients understand the reasons for their disorders and help process and transform them. Human beings want to evolve and get over pain in healthy ways which exclude numbing medication. Psychotherapy can help reduce stuckness/blocks in growth and development. It can help improve relationships and increase empathy and patience for others. Psychotherapy helps to gain more meaningfulness and enjoyment in life.

Therapists must take care of themselves !

My caseload is supervised regularly by members of my ethical body, the British Psychoanalytical Council. I also retain my BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) Accreditation as it is useful for trainees who are required to see a supervisor or therapist who is BACP Accred.