When to Have Psychotherapy and When Not To

When to Have Psychotherapy:

  • Your day to day functioning is altered and you find yourself being unable to manage
  • You feel despair and don’t know how to go on
  • You feel suicidal
  • If you are self harming
  • If you are alone and lonely
  • If you want to understand your feelings/how you tick


When Not to Seek Psychotherapy:

  • In the first days of bereavement of a parent, child or loved one. There is something about closing the door yourself for a while.
  • If you are going through a financial crisis-having to pay for therapy can be a good discipline but not if you are in a lot of debt.
  • If your loved ones/family push you to do it but you cannot see there is a problem-you would be wasting your time and money while the therapist ends up having to convince you.