Work Experience


I provide psychotherapy to clients/patients who come from different walks of life. This can be either short or long term depending on a mutual discussion and intermittent reviews.

I work as a clinical supervisor privately and have supervised trainees and newly qualified counsellors in psychodynamic counselling centres in Bedford and London.

I make presentations and conduct workshops in my subject-psychoanalysis-within the psychotherapy community.

I also apply psychoanalytic thought to mythology, culture and human development and present ideas to the therapeutic community. A list of my professional presentations so far are given on this website under ‘Events and Workshops’.

Teaching/facilitation :

  • I taught/facilitated the Advanced Theoretical and Clinical Issues seminar at WPF Therapy, London from 2014-2017.
  • I have taught/facilitated counselling skills courses in Milton Keynes College from 2003-2010.

Past Experience

My previous work includes projects for :

  • The NHS,
  • Corporate agencies
  • Other government funded projects